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Our youth of today are confronted with more problems than any other time in American History.

These problems include drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, suicide, gang violence, obesity and poor self-esteem. With these issues consuming our youth it doesn't help there is a lack of positive recreational programs to assist with eliminating the problem. Only through the effort of the entire community can we attempt every natural resource to combat the issues at hand. M.A.D.E. Training was founded on the mission to develop the minds and bodies of our youth to help make a positive difference while creating opportunities in track and field throughout the United States. The club focuses on encouraging and building high self-esteem while exposing each member to character building experiences. It is a school without walls concept that uses track and field as a basis to advance its students to be successful and productive citizens.



With your contribution you can help jump start a new road to positive change for our youth. A contribution from your organization will be greatly appreciated and would go a long way into the development of the young minds and bodies of our athletes. The club would like to promote your company in any way possible. Please join us for a future Track and Field event, or a practice to witness the development of some of the finest young people in the world. Our practices are held at Carroll High School. M.A.D.E Training Track & Field Club relies solely on support from individual donors and fundraisers. Contributions to M.A.D.E Track & Field are tax deductible. We are recognized as a non-profit 501 C3 tax-exempt organization by the IRS. M.A.D.E. Training Track & Field appreciates any support. There's a donation & sponsor sheet form link and a paypal donate button at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance!!!




*Coach Joseph Byrd:


198 Sussex Drive Monroe, La 71203


*Coach Carlos Hughes: 


1106 Auburn Avenue Monroe, La 71201


Legal Name:  Making A Difference Everyday Training

Employer Identification Number: 82-2056503

USATF Southern Association:  Club Number 24-0331

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